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Introducing The Manatee

Warren Zeiller
University Press of Florida
15 Northwest 15th Street; Gainesville, FL 32611 USA
ISBN: 0-8130-1152-3

Comments: This book, written by a long time Miami Seaquarium hand, has one of the most interesting mix of current and historical information including the mythological and fantastical. I highly recommend this book for several reasons. The most compelling reason for my recommendation is also the reason for my parental guidance recommendation. Mr. Zeiller's amazingly complete historical account of the manatee includes photographs and text describing man's impact on the manatee from the first mutual encounters. For many cultures, the manatee represented an important food source. Some of the hunting scenes can be disturbing to young readers. Mr. Zeiller also includes rare photographs of a manatee birth and my son Patrick's favorite spot
at Tampa's Lowry Park, the manatee fountain. And for all you Parot-heads, Jimmy Buffett is featured on the cover feeding a baby manatee from a bottle!
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