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Manatees Our Vanishing Mermaids

M. Timothy O'Keefe
Larsen's Outdoor Publishing
2640 Elizabeth Place; Lakeland, Florida 33813 USA
813-644-3381 voice; 813-644-3288 fax
ISBN 0-936513-43-8

Comments: This book has an outdated feel when you first open it. I think that is because of the exclusive use of the authors black and white photography. Once you begin reading the book however, you'll find it to be up to date and informative. The photographs are engaging and as the author points out in his introduction, "Since manatees are essentially gray in color, very little impact was lost in the conversion [from color slides] process". We especially liked the section on "Where To See Manatees". I grew up in Florida, but was unaware of one of the most famous sites to see manatees until I read this book. On our next trip to Florida, we'll stop and visit the internationally famous Snooty at the South Florida Museum in
Bradenton in his new home, the multimillion dollar Manatee Education and Research Facility.
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