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How Can I Help?

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Tips For Shoreline Property Owners:

Raise awareness of manatees in your area:


The Save The Manatee Club in cooperation with the Florida Marine Patrol Offices distributes signs similar to the one shown, free of charge, to any shoreline property owner. If you own waterfront property and see manatees in your area, please post one of these signs to raise awareness.

Don't feed or provide water to manatees:

Please don't attempt to feed manatees. Also, please don't run water hoses to shoreline or attempt to provide water to manatees in any way. Providing food and water to manatees interrupts their natural feeding patterns. Once the human provided food and water source is gone, manatees may become confused and unable to identify natural, reliable food sources.

Call 1-800-DIAL FMP or *FMP on cell phone to report injured, orphaned, tagged, or dead manatees.
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