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Where to learn more:

Read all about them at your local library!

The Manatee Junction Library has a list of reference books and books for young readers that we have found at bookstores and libraries. There are also several videos and television specials which offer excellent insight into Sirenia. The Save the Manatee Club also offers an extensive list of reference books, books for young readers and videos in their Membership Handbook.

Join the Save the Manatee Club!

The Clyde families of Florida, Texas, and Washington have belonged to the SMC for years. We believe in what the SMC does and have trust and confidence in how they go about doing it. We encourage you to join today. You can read all about them on their web site:
or by calling them at . Please do contact them and join. They are in need of funds and folks willing to volunteer their time and effort in saving our precious manatees.

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